Montreal Aquarium SocieT

The Montreal Aquarium SocieT meets on a monthly basis and the fisrt half of every meeting is devoted to a specific topic related to the hobby of tropical fish. Here
are some of the speakers and a short description of the presentations that we saw this past year.
November 2012 - Gary Lange presented "A Lucky Seven Rainbow Fish"    

Gary is a member of the Missouri Aquarium Society and In the fall of 1987 he started the Rainbowfish Study Group of North America.

Gary told us about seven brand new & undescribed rainbowfishes that they managed to find in three trips to West Papua, the western section of the island of New Guinea.  
They had to endure the heat, mosquitoes, leeches and more to find the rainbows.  He showed photos of these fish along with the areas where they were collected.  He also
showed us some of the other fish that they caught that weren’t new to science but are new to the hobby.
Montreal Aquarium SocieT
December 2012 - Jean-Pierre Camus presented "Building an Aquarium"

Jean-Pierre is a member of the Societe d'Aquariophilie de Montreal (SAM) and has been keeping fish for many years.

Jean-Pierre walked us through the steps of how to make our own aquariums. He showed us how he uses templates to ensure the accuracy of the corners and gave some
general tricks of the trade, such as cutting glass.
January 2013 - Robert DiMarco presented "Everything I Know About Artemia (or just about)"

Robert Di Marco has been a saltwater aquarist since the early 70’s and raised his first Clownfish in the late 80’s becoming the first anemone fish breeder in Canada. He
has raised nine different varieties of Anemone fish and one species of peppermint shrimp. He has authored numerous articles for aquarium club newsletters, the
Breeders’ Registry, Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine and Aquarium Systems’ Sea Scope.

Robert, a member of our club for over 20 years, gave a talk entitled: "Everything I Know About Artemia (or just about)". Robert explained in detail the ins & outs of
hatching artemia or as they are usually called brine shrimp. He told us about their origins, best handling, ideal storing and how to ensure successful hatching!.
February 2013 - We had a visit from Hagen.

Jesse De Luca, a representative from the Hagen company, gave a presentation entitled "LED 's - The Future of Aquatic Lighting" .

He explained how the lighting worked and the reasons behind the different coloured bulbs. detailing the different quality lighting and the effects in aquariums.

     April 2013 -

                     We celebrated our 80 th anniversary as a club.
May 2013 - Charles Clappsaddle presented "Hatchery Operations"

Charles is the owner of Goliad Farms in Texas. His presentation detailed the setup of the hatchery and the development of new livebearer strains and the improvement of
existing strains that occupy his best efforts.
June 2013 - Joe Ferdenzi presented "Aquarium Hobby History"

Joe has been fascinated with the history of the aquarium hobby from a very young age. He has collected many items that were common to the hobby from years gone by.
He detailed the start of our keeping fish and brought with him some interesting items.